New season and new goals of the Oil Extraction Plant.
In September 2019, a new production season began for Potokу plant. Over the past period, the plant …

In September 2019, a new production season began for Potoky plant. Over the past period, the plant has already reached a significant performance level, but it does not plan to stop there.

Ongoing are the reconstruction and upgrading works to increase the enterprise production capacity, preparation works for construction of elevators and the laying of railway tracks.

The plant is going to further extend its outlet market for products typical in this industry, such as sunflower oil, meal, pellets, as well as to actively present in the markets of Ukraine, Europe, and beyond, its innovative product - the PROGLOT First sunflower protein concentrate

Last season, the team of professionals developed the method for production of this product and conducted a series of significant experiments, both laboratory and livestock. These experiments proved the uniqueness of our protein concentrate, including both its chemical composition and the effects its has on the gain of livestock production.

The plant team of professionals is going to strive for new achievements in the coming season, and for further development and growth of the enterprise.

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