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Why "Potoky", or Establishment of the Oil Extraction Plant
When people first get to know our company, they often ask “Why is it called Potoky?"To answer this….

When people first get to know our company, they often ask “Why is it called Potoky?"

To answer this question, let us have a look at the recent past, at the period of time when the company was born and rapidly developing.

Potoky was founded in 2016 and its business activities began with the purchase of old destroyed reinforced-concrete plant facilities.

Over the following two years, the plant facilities were under active reconstruction: completely new workshops for the dehulling and winnowing unit and the press unit, the elevator tower complex and extraction facilities, the boiler house and truck scale were built, the finished product warehouse and raw materials warehouse were reconstructed, and the administrative building was completely renovated.

The state-of-the-art equipment of the latest product line was installed and the work team was formed from the most qualified professionals in the field. Finally, the plant was launched in fall of 2018.

Over its first season of work, the company achieved some great wins:

  • Already within the first months of operation, the enterprise reached its full production capacity;
  • Production process has been well-adjusted and completely debugged;
  • The highest quality of finished products has been achieved;
  • Ukrainian market has been mastered;
  • The company initiated its European market penetration.

In addition, the high-class team of professionals of the enterprise developed a method of production of a novel product: the first sunflower protein concentrate.

Our enterprise is planning its further development, and is setting even more ambitious goals for the coming season: to double its productivity, to conquer the Ukrainian and European markets with the novel product, and to get to the Top-3 in this field.

So, why was such a wide-scale project called Potoky? Because in Ukrainian language, this word means "flows", so what we mean is flows of oil, flows of warm yellow light which reminds us of sunflowers and endless Ukrainian fields of yellow sunflower heads, flows of kindness and flows of money which is also play an important role in each person's life.

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